El último día en Madrid

A busy day! Even if we didn’t get up till 9:30, and didn’t leave the hostel till noon…

Tomorrow we leave for Sevilla, and because I sometimes freak out about things like tickets and transportation and things of that nature, I dragged Lindsay across town so we could buy our bus tickets early. It turned out to be super easy (I understood the cashier’s Spanish. Yes!). I remember thinking, “I wonder how easy things will be for us in the Middle East…” Oh man.

Then, I forced (and by “forced” I mean suggested and/or came across randomly) Lindsay to go to a bunch of (free!) historical sites and statues of things she really didn’t care about:

The Templo de Debod, which was moved here from the Rhine Valley in Egypt (where we’re headed in a few weeks!)

An Egyptian Temple in Spain. Huh?

An Egyptian Temple in Spain. Huh?

A frigging massive monument to Cervantes and his homies Don Quixote and Pancho Villa…

Me with my man Cervantes.

Me with my man Cervantes.

And a statue of poetess Sor Doña Inés. (Ok, I admit it. I’m a literary geek! Just don’t ask me to recite any poetry for you. Well… I might remember some Becquer.)


Then we stopped for a lovely view of the city…

Madrid. ¡Olé!

Madrid. ¡Olé!

This lovely educational foray was followed by a fruitless search for a restaurant recommended by our guidebook (you immortals of Lonely Planet failed us!). So instead we ate at some random Chinese restaurant with eggrolls the size of dinner plates, that was quite crowded (which was reassuring for us) and had pretty good food. For some reason, I love going to Chinese restaurants in different countries. It’s always an adventure. Then again… traveling with me is often an adventure (sorry Lyndz).

Then: shopping, budget dinner (we are poor graduate students after all), and gelato at Nice Cream. It was nice. Very.

Lindsay loves her some Nice Cream.

Lindsay loves her some Nice Cream.

¿Y mañana? We head to Sevilla! The home of flamenco, bull fights, and tapas!

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