IHC Fellowship

This year I am very fortunate to be one of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center‘s Pre-Doctoral Fellows  here at UCSB. The center’s programming theme this year is Fallout: In the Aftermath of the War, which will bring to campus scholars, artists, journalists, students, and community members to address issues of war, trauma, recovery and recuperation, and memory. Though my work does not deal explicitly with war, I am very much invested in the effects that long (even chronic) global events have in creating populations of refugees and migrants, and the impact of these dramatic events on those populations and their cultural productions.

The first major event of the year will be the IHC open house this Thursday, where I’ll be in attendance with my fellow peers. Please take a moment to read about the other fellows and their amazing research. I can’t contain my excitement about sharing, learning, and collaborating with them this year!

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