Up Ahead: MLA 2013

I’m getting ready to attend the Modern Language Association annual convention in Boston, where I’ll be speaking on a panel entitled, Representing Race: Silence in the Digital Humanities. That session is #s239, Friday, 4 January, 10:15–11:30 a.m., Gardner, Sheraton. I look forward to seeing some of you there!

For more information on the panel, please see Adeline Koh’s extended post on the original panel proposal.

To read my original abstract, please refer to the original blog post on this panel.

Also, I’ve not forgotten that I owe you a recap of MediaPlaces2012. That is still coming. I’ll be able to respond more fully once the trauma excitement of MLA has passed and I have a moment to reflect on my more interdisciplinary experiences in Sweden alongside the more disciplinary concerns of the MLA. More to come! It may be a short while, as I start teaching a new course, The Literature & Media Transnational Asian America, the day after I return from MLA. Eep!

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