Asian/Asian Am Digital Studies

To some, it may seem as if Asian and Asian American studies has had limited engagement with big tent Digital Humanities, but Asian American scholarship has long been engaged with the digital and the technological, and the often unseen politics therein. For example, Lisa Nakamura has been writing about racial passing online since the mid 1990s, while the collection AsianAmerica.Net: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Cyberspace (2003) brings together a range of scholars working in information technologies. Both of these examples predate much of the canonical scholarship that has come to define the Digital Humanities, which itself has a longer history in humanities computing. That earlier scholarship deals in questions of identity, nationality, power, community, and social justice—all concerns that have historically been central to Asian American Studies and other ethnic and postcolonial studies.  These investments also mark the important contributions that Asian American studies can bring to digital humanities scholarship.

Below is my attempt to collect some of the various Asian and Asian American digital projects, scholarly and not, but all critical to understanding the larger landscape of Asian American digital criticism. The categories are more fluid than the headings would suggest, but, more than anything, they serve as a convenient way to organize information.

There are many gaps and unintentional omissions, so if you know of people, projects, etc. that should be added to this list, please pass them on! Corrections for links and contact info also welcomed.

Bibliography to come! Please send me recommendations for that if you have any.


#transformDH Collective:

Postcolonial Digital Humanities:

Cultural and Civic Engagement:

#TooFEW: Feminists Engage Wikipedia: Feminsts Engage Wikipedia

18 Million Rising:

Center for Ethnocommunications:

Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network:

Don’t Buy Miss Saigon:

Hyphen Magazine:

Media Action Network for Asian Americans:

Nikkei Australia:

Pacific Arts Movement:

Peril Magazine:

Performance 4a:

The Propeller Group:

Archives, Collections, Projects, Centers:

Archivist of the Yellow Peril:


Asian American Literary Review:

Asian American Writer’s Workshop:

Buddhist Translators Workbench:

Center for Art and Thought:

Chinese-Australian Debutantes:

Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Culture:

Digitizing Chinese Englishmen:


iFans: Mapping K-pop’s International Fandom:

Invisible Australians:

Japanese Association of Digital Humanities:

Of Another Fashion:

PDub Productions:

Performance 4a:

Research Center for the Digital Humanities (Taiwan):

The Rhetorical Making of the Asian/Asian American Face (dissertation):

Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts:

Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program:

South Asian American Digital Archive:

The Tibetan & Himalayan Library:

Thick Dumpling Skin:

Through the Lens, Indonesian Institute of Social History:

Film and Videos:

Asian Australian Film Forum:

San Diego Asian Film Festival:

Tadashi Nakamura:

They’re all So Beautiful:

Wong Fu Productions:

YOMYOMF Youtube Network:


Angry Asian Man:



You Offend Me, You Offend My Family:


Patty Ahn, USC

A. Aneesh, Univ .of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Vanessa Au, Independent Scholar

Aimee Bahng, Dartmouth, @banhgerama

Jan Bernabe, Center for Art and Thought

Mitzi Carter, UC Berkeley

Alex Cho, UT Austin

Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Brown Univ, @whkchun

Anne Cong-Huyen, UCLA, @anitaconchita

Lawrence-Minh Bui Davis, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

Jigna Desai, Univ. of Minnesota

Jillana Enteen, Northwestern Univ.

Sarah Gambito, Fordham Univ.

David Germano, Univ. of Virginia

Luis Gomez,

Nguyễn Tân Hoàng, Bryn Mawr

Jieh Hsiang, National Taiwan University

Amy Jin Johnson, Brown Univ., @amyjin811

David Kim, UCLA

Adeline Koh, Richard Stockton College, @adelinekoh

Tseen Khoo, @tseenster

Dai Kojima, Univ. of British Columbia, @dkojima

Jen Tsen Kwok, National Tertiary Education Unit, @JTKwok

Lewis Lancaster

Viola Lasmana, USC, @viola_lasmana

Jerry Won Lee, Univ of Arizona, @jerrywonlee

Lori K. Lopez, Univ. Wisconsin-Madison

Adriel Luis, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

Rahul Mukherjee, UCSB

Kiyonori Nagasaki, Institute for Digital Humanities, Tokyo, @knagasaki

Lisa Nakamura, Univ. of Michigan, @lnakamur 

Konrad Ng, @konradng

Lilly Nguyen, Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing

Mimi Thi Nguyen, Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, @lnzombia (author of Exoticize This!  & Worse than Queer)

Kent Ono, Univ. of Utah

Minh-Ha T. Pham, Cornell Univ., @minh81

Vincent Pham, CSU San Marcos

Amit S. Rai, Queen Mary, University of London

Jennifer Rhee, Virginia Commonwealth Univ., @j_s_rhee

Margaret Rhee, UC Berkeley, @fauxpoetics

Roopika Risam, Salem State Univ., @roopikarisam 

Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Virginia Tech., @jsanofranchini

Nishant Shah, @latelyontime

Celine Parreñas Shimizu, UCSB

Haerin Shin, Vanderbilt

Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu, NYU

Lily Wong, American Univ.

Nabeel Zuberi, Univ. of Auckland

Additional Resources (teaching/context/etc.)

DH in Japan (Prezi). by Kiyonori Nagasaki

Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies Modules, by Jigna Desai and graduate students

Around DH | Global Lists:


10 thoughts on “Asian/Asian Am Digital Studies

  1. hi
    I am Jigna Desai at the UMN (gender, women, and sexuality studies AND asian american studies). here is a project that i did with a few graduate students. please feel free to share it
    It has feminist, queer, ethnic, and postcolonial studies scholarship included.
    For example, there are discussions of orientalism, bhagat singh thind, etc in the empire module.

  2. Anne, this is fantastic. I am Vincent Pham and I am an assistant professor in Communication at California State University San Marcos. Other folks that would could be included are Kent Ono (University of Utah), Lori K. Lopez (University of Wisconsin Madison), and Vanessa Au (independent scholar). We all work at the intersection of Asian American Studies, Media Studies, and Communication Studie

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