I’ve moved!

It’s much later than planned, but I’ve finally migrated this site to my own domain, http://anitaconchita.org/, courtesy of DigLibArts and the Whittier.Domains project! I’ll be updating the blog there from now on, but this site will stay up as an archive. Many thanks for years of readership! Advertisements

Screenshot of splash page for FTN Pedagogy workbook,

FemTechNet Critical Race & Ethnic Studies Pedagogy Workbook

I’m just back from the annual Cultural Studies Association conference in Riverside, CA, and I’m excited to share the announcement I made at the panel, “FemTechNet: Transforming what and who counts in digital education”, where I spoke alongside Alexandra Juhasz (Pitzer College), Elizabeth Losh (UCSD), and Ivette Bayo Urban (U Washington). My presentation (for the most…

Digital Pedagogy and Transformative Digital Humanities

The following are notes from a brief talk I was invited to give recently at UCSB for their annual Research Slam, #SyncDH. Some context: Coming back to my grad school institution, I reflected on my own experience as a student there, and I planned this talk to help those grad students with little to no pedagogical…

Transgression, Gender Disturbance, & Feminist Sci-Fi Futures Title Slide

#NWSA2014 Panel Sneak Peak

Here’s a hint of what’s to come for our panel tomorrow morning. For more info check out my previous NWSA post with our original proposal. For those at #NWSA2014, we’re session 478 at 9:15 at PRCC 202-C. More to come in a post-conference follow-up. Image credit: “Cyborg” by REDANTA is licensed CC BY-SA 3.0

Teaching Los Angles Cover

#2014ASA is here!

That time of year is upon us at last! ASA is here and I can barely contain myself! This is one of my favorite conferences of the year, as it’s where all the badass feminists, technologists, activist/scholars, and of course frolleagues converge in one place. Yippee! This year, I have the pleasure of being on a…